Hi there! I am a Spanish bilingual screenwriter based in Madrid.
I have extensive experience developing fiction and non-fiction projects for local and international markets.

I studied Journalism and Film, TV & Media Studies (UC3M), so naturally my first opportunities were writing for press, radio and TV.

However, focusing strictly on news felt too limited. I wanted to address relevant issues without the constraints of the 24-hour news cycle, so I packed my belongings and moved to the US where I got an MFA in Screenwriting at Chapman University thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship.

During my three year stay in Los Angeles, I was also employed reading scripts and writing coverage for independent production and financing companies, a professional experience that taught me a hands-on approach to screenwriting. I learned how to balance creative needs with the real-world challenges of the production and distribution processes.

Story is king, but it must reign within a budget-conscious and target-oriented kingdom.

When my time in LA ended I came back to Spain where I found a thriving film and TV industry, profiting from the arrival of streaming giants and the exponential growth of international productions shooting in Spain.

In Madrid I joined the Research & Development Department of one of the leading production companies in Spain, where I created and developed unscripted projects for four years. Thanks to this role I improved my ability to respond to clients’ needs, identify trends and create effective content strategies.

These past experiences also allowed me to further explore and reinforce my vision...

I want to work on stories with a purpose. I want to craft stories that speak to our present time and are able to transform it (for the better, hopefully).

With this goal in mind I have written film and TV scripts, unscripted formats, theater plays, brand storytelling and even a graphic novel.

And I’m still on it. I currently write and develop projects independently and for hire. In English and Spanish.

If you want to know more, here is my [→] LinkedIn.
Or feel free to reach out and ask: leire@leirealbinarrate.com.

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